• I'm Addicted to Salt Scrub!

Can't live without Secret of the Islands Salt Scrub?  We understand!  For the first time ever, we are offering a monthly subscription so you never run out of your favorite salt scrubs.  

Here's how it works: 

1. Choose your favorite scent

2. Specify how often you'd like to order it. 

3. click "Add to Cart"

4. Done!  A free gift will also be included in today‚Äôs order!     

After you sign up, you'll receive one 16oz jar of your favorite scrub every month (or frequency you chose) until your subscription expires.  You will be only be billed for the jar sent to you.  Ex:  If you chose to receive a jar monthly, you will be billed once a month.  You can cancel anytime by calling us at 877-929-SALT or by updating your account profile.  

Our secret salt scrub recipe uses the power of nature to soothe and exfoliate leaving your skin feeling like silk.  Using this treatment on your hands, feet and body nurtures the soul and helps maintain youthful looking skin.  Pair with our Exotic Body Butter to seal in moisture for even longer lasting results!  Escape to the Islands and Enjoy our secret. . . .

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I'm Addicted to Salt Scrub!

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