About Us

Our Story:

Our exfoliating salt scrub was created by Joanne Bolos and is a trade secret formula influenced by historic Bahamian recipes. This secret recipe has its roots in recipes traditionally used by fishermen to help heal and soothe hands after a hard day’s work. The well-kept Bahamian secrets inspired Joanne to create this secret recipe that not only soothes hands, but also rids pesky smells that may linger. Passed down for generations, we have developed our own secret recipe of our salt scrub that uses the power of nature to soothe and exfoliate leaving your skin feeling like silk. Using this treatment on your hands, feet and body nurtures the soul and helps maintain youthful looking skin. The calming scents of the Islands have been known to relax mind, body and soul. Escape to the Islands and Enjoy our secret…..

The Products:

What you put on your skin is equally as important as what you put into your body. We believe in reaching beauty the natural way. Many products are filled with chemicals and artificial ingredients that can enter the blood stream .That is why our promise to you is to keep our products simple, natural and pure. With natural recipes inspired by the Islands, you will experience rejuvenated skin and obtain a healthy youthful glow. Relax, Indulge and rejuvenate with Secret of the Islands    

Secret of the Islands is a registered trademark of Secret of the Islands, Inc.