• Sanitizing Safety Kit

The ultimate kit is here!  This kit comes with a 16oz Salt Scrub, 25 Sanitizing Hand Wipes, one gallon of Hand Sanitizer, and 2 empty (10oz) Spray Bottles for easy refilling.  Secret of the Islands Instant Hand Sanitizer contain 80% ethyl alcohol and follow WHO guidelines.   Sanitizers are liquid and come in three scents- Coconut Breeze, Lemon, and Natural.  Our pocket size sanitizing wipes are perfect for your car, purse and anywhere you need to sanitize on the go.  Our secret salt scrub recipe uses the power of nature to soothe and exfoliate leaving your skin feeling like silk.  Using this treatment on your hands, feet and body nurtures the soul and helps maintain youthful looking skin.

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Sanitizing Safety Kit

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